Are you ready for the biggest VW bus meeting on the Balkan peninsula ?

We are pleased to invite you, to the anniversary #10 Balkan Bus Meeting

2-4 July 2021 in Serbia

BBM Poster


This event has become a must-go of the summer for the community of the famous VW Bus owners.

So, we are waiting for you to be part of BBM 2021, to share the passion for Volkswagen Bus, spend time in nature and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at Marina Oasa

However due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic of “Corona” we are conditioned by the special measures, therefore there will be limited number of vehicles that we will be able to host, according to these measures. Unfortunately the limit is a 100 vehicles, so only the first 100 registrations will be accepted. Thank you for your uderstanding.

There will be no registration fees at the meeting. There are two restaurants in the camp, there will be meals and drinks at reasonable prices.

We will sell T-shirts at symbolic prices.

If your bus is too small for all your friends, we have additional accommodation in hotel and bungalows.


What is the Balkan Bus Meeting ?

Taking on the tradition of previous meetings, starting with Greece 2011, Bulgaria 2012. Turkey 2013. Romania 2014. Serbia 2015, Greece 2016, Bulgaria 2017, Turkey 2018, Romania 2019, here is the turn of hosts for the second time at this big event for Serbia in 2-4 July 2021. It all started with our love and passion for vans. General hobby brought us together and so was born the idea of these international meetings where we meet many new people, visit interesting places and get acquainted with other cultures.

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Videos and pictures

See the meeting Videos and pictures here.