After BBM Tour


After the 8th Balkan Bus Meeting will be at Altın Kamp \ Burhaniye on 6-7-8th July, traditionally there will be an After Meeting Program as shared attached. People who want to join can choose this option at the end of the “Registration Form” released. There may be changes at the plan and the camping places according to the number of participants.


8 July Sunday:

Camping in Altın Camp contuniue… -1-


9 July Monday:

11.00 – 15:00 Cunda Island Trip (Road takes 1 hour) and Lunch -2-

15.00 – 18:00 Trip to Assos

18:00 – 21:00 Assos Historical City Trip (Athena Temple) and settling. -3-

Stopover and Dinner (Place will be determined according to the number of participants.)


10 July Tuesday:

Camping in Assos.


11 July Wednesday:

Camping in Assos.


12 July Tuesday:

11.00 Check out Assos

12.30 – 15:00 Troia Historical City Trip (Trojan Ruins & Trojan Horse) -4-

16.30 – 19.30 Çanakkale City Trip -P1-

Travel to Kilitbahir by ferry at 20.00, check in Kum Camping.

Dinner and stay at Kum Camping. -5-

Note: If requested we can arrange a bus and go to Bozcaada (Tenedos) Island for spending few hours at the island centre (without campers). Wine tasting, walk in the streets as heritage of Greek Architecture. -P2-


13 July Friday:

Camping in Kum Camping


14 July Saturday:

The end. You may stay in Kum Camping 1 more day and leave on Sunday if you wish.



  • Accommodation fee at camping places will be set according to participation number. But, the price per night at Kum Camping and Assos will not exceed 15 EUR per camper.
  • The ferry ticket price for Çanakkale – Kilitbahir is about 9 EUR.
  • The entrance fee at Troia Ancient City site is about 5 EUR. The entrance fee at Assos Ancient City site is about 2 EUR.
  • Programme can be rearranged due to weather conditions and unexpected situations.