Important Rules and Cases of #10 BBM – 2020

Many common rules and traditions have been occurred regarding to BBM which’s been made regularly for 10 years. The only aim was bringing Vw Bus Lovers together in a country every year. There have been many friendships during these years through BBM and there were many rule adds, removes and changes according to the organization place to make thee meetings better.

The organization wants you to contribute living this culture by making friendships and spending a few days with Bus Lovers from Balkan Countries.


Here are the rules and important cases of Serbia Meeting:


– All vehicles and participants should register before entering the camp place.

– Organization committee will be VW Bus club & Buba club Serbia

– Registrations will be made with your passports and Id’s.

– Whom joined the meeting will be considered accepted the fees. Prices are valid between 16 July morning 18 July noon. No fee changes either participants come late or leave early.

– There will be surprise gifts and meeting materials during registration.

–  Organization committee has rights to resist, forbid or take out the person who will threat participants’ security or in a bad attitude.

– Speed limit is 10kms in the camp place.

– It is not allowed to listen to the music loudly and to test cars in resting hours (01:00-08:00).

– The camping doors will be closed by the management at 00:00 due to the discomfort of the visitors. We’d like to remind this rule above all.

– All participants has to watch out their own belongings. Organization Committee won’t be responsible of losses or suffers.

  • All participants must stay in camping area, during the meeting, Organization Committee won’t be responsible for any accidents or damages outside this area.

– Keep clean the camp area!!!

– Organization Committee reserves the rights to change the program. Organizers’ decisions are valid in all issues.

– All VW Buses and the all other vehicles (specially came from abroad) have to obey traffic rules of Serbia.

– Every pet has to be owned a collar in the camp place. Please don’t forget to clean your pets poo.

  • NO Swimming in the river!
  • Other activities and sports on water like fishing, boating, kayak/canoe, kiteboating, windsurfing, etc are allowed only with all means of protection (life jackets, vests etc..)!

– It is restricted to light campfire and barbecues in the camp area

– Electricity is included the entry fee.

– Electricity  usages will be controlled by the Organization Committee. Please inform before using high current devices.

– Whom joined the meeting will be considered accepted the rules above.

– Organization Committee is working for a safe, pleasant and peaceful meeting. Nevertheless, it is very important to obey all rules above to keep this culture and have a good meeting.

  • Every participant who is attending the meeting will agree the rules above and sign this notice when register.

Thanks for attendance!